Holly's Impacted Clients

Corporate Clients

"Holly is an engaging, thought provoking, challenging and inspirational keynote speaker. The feedback was so positive. Clients just love Holly's approach & engaging stories of adventure! Highly recommended."



"Bloody brilliant!"



" Holly is a breath of fresh air. She will inspire you but will also make you laugh. Most importantly you’ll be reminded that it doesn’t take superhumans to do extraordinary things, it just takes women like Holly who have serious amounts of determination and humour."


Educational Institutions

" Our lecture theatre was as packed as I have ever seen it and Holly has motivated us to not just enjoy our wild adventures, but to give something back and help preserve the special things that we take for granted in our world for the future generations."


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5 Reasons To Book Holly

Holly is an exceptional keynote speaker who has a gift for making her adventures come alive with passion, humor, and humility. Her tales are captivating and inspiring as they detail her first-hand experiences of pushing herself to the limit and overcoming obstacles with skill, confidence, and a positive, active mindset.

Holly is an incredibly talented and dynamic keynote speaker who has the ability to captivate and inspire audiences of all kinds. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and she uses her platform to share nail-biting stories and powerful videos that will leave you on the edge of your seat. 

Holly’s keynote presentation has the advantage of being remarkably versatile and easily customized to meet the needs of a variety of different audiences. Her approach is agile, allowing her to quickly adapt and tailor her message to ensure that it resonates with the particular group she is addressing. 

When it comes to achieving our goals in life and work, having someone who is passionate, purpose-driven, and strongly believes in themselves can make a huge difference. That’s why Holly is such a valuable resource! Her contagious energy and enthusiasm will inspire you to take purposeful, actionable steps towards reaching your own goals. 

Holly has a unique talent for captivating audiences with her storytelling abilities. She has a natural way of engaging individuals and relating to them on a personal, down-to-earth level.